The Daily Reset: February 7th, 2020

Crash Bandicoot lives!

2 min readFeb 8, 2020


New mobile Crash Bandicoot game leaks

Facebook ads apparently leaked a few images of an unreleased, and unannounced for that matter, Crash Bandicoot game for mobile. It seems the game will be an endless runner, similar to Temple Run and Subway Surfers. The images also suggest it is being developed by Candy Crush Saga developer King. While many fans have expressed disappointment at the mobile title, the endless running is reminiscent of traditional Crash gameplay (at least visually).

European and North American Switch sales won’t be impacted by the 2019 novel coronavirus

After Nintendo’s announcement yesterday that Switch sales in Japan have been impacted by 2019-nCoV, the company has an update on the status of Switch sales elsewhere. In a statement made to Kotaku, Nintendo had this to say:

“We can confirm that the manufacturing of some Nintendo products for the Japanese market has been delayed due to the impact of 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak. Nintendo does not anticipate a significant impact on our broader global supply chain for systems and accessories at this time, and product sales in North America and Europe, including preorders, are not affected. We would like to express our concern and support for all those affected by the coronavirus during this challenging time.”

Sword rework coming to Destiny 2

In an announcement made earlier today, Bungie has explained how swords will be reworked in the upcoming season. Ryan Gilliam from Polygon has a full write-up on the changes:

“In Destiny, swords have three different moves: light attacks, heavy attacks, and a guard that blocks damage. To balance the three moves, each sword will have an energy gauge that recharges over time. This is in addition to their usual ammo, which swords currently use for all three actions.

Players will need to manage the energy to use the sword properly….Heavy attacks from swords will also consume energy. The heavy swing absorbs the energy if the bar is full, which makes for a much more powerful attack….Light attacks will loop indefinitely, rather than the old three-part combo….As a bonus, sword swings of all kinds will ignore a percentage of enemy shields.”

That’s it. Catch you tomorrow, peace.


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