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Yo! Welcome to Keepin' It 100, the series that takes a completely honest and comprehensive deep dive into games. It’s hard to spend what little free time you may have during the week on trying to 100% a game, so why not chill and find some random dude on the internet who wrote about it instead? Today we’ll be discussing one of the best titles to come out of Nintendo in 2020: Pikmin 3 Deluxe.

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You’ve gotta honor the classics

Yeah, I know, the headline isn’t really surprising for anyone who’s been keeping up with Microsoft’s moves leading into the next generation, but they seemed to have just placed one of their final cards on the table and opened the proverbial flood gates. As the company has made clear with this morning’s announcement Xbox will now be moving forward as a single platform, providing every possible reason for anyone who’s still holding onto their older hardware to completely jump ship and board the next-gen hype train.

Countless games spanning all four Xbox generations will be able to run natively on…

It’s weird and (from what I’ve seen) I love it

The Yakuza series is a long action-adventure opera, as chaotic and over the top as they come. A few people were able to play the series’ newest entry, Yakuza: Like A Dragon, and get their thoughts out about their experiences with it before it launches alongside the upcoming Xbox Series X|S.

Outlets such as GameSpot, IGN, and Kinda Funny all spent hours exploring the streets of modern-day Yokohama in what seems to be one of the trippiest things we’ll get to experience this year — and remember, it’s 2020. The charming, chaotic energy emanating from this turn-based action game is…

Someone’s Monopoly Game Is Getting Out of Hand…

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, said in an official Xbox blog: “We will be adding Bethesda’s iconic franchises to Xbox Game Pass for console and PC”. With no such explicit statement for games from any of the other 7 studios acquired, we’re left with the (relatively safe) assumption that we can expect some of these other titles to make their way onto the service down the line. From Fallout and Doom to The Evil Within and Dishonored, Microsoft has a bevy of high-quality series to pick and choose possible Game Pass titles from. …

Marvel’s Avengers and Exclusivity

Exclusivity is a business practice left over from an age when corporate rivalry and competition were top priorities. Platform exclusives have managed to carve out a space for themselves in a gaming landscape that otherwise has made a full pivot towards player choice and freedom. PlayStation titles like God of War, and The Last of Us, prove that strong platform exclusives sell hardware, but big business just doesn’t know when to stop.

The PlayStation twitter account announced that Spider-Man is coming to Marvel’s Avengers, as a PlayStation exclusive. PC and Xbox players of the upcoming Crystal Dynamics joint won’t be…

Image: Bungie, Inc.

A Destiny 2 Guide

Destiny 2’s Prophecy Dungeon is the newest pinnacle activity introduced with Season of Arrivals, and it’s capable of consistently dropping two of the best-looking armor sets in the game. Not only do the new Moonfang armor and reissued Trials of the Nine armor look incredibly dope, they will also be meta relevant for an entire year until Summer 2021 — giving them the longest lifespan for armor in the game. Above all else the fact that it’s temporarily leaving the game at the end of the season means now is the absolute best time to be farming this dungeon.


Using Isle of Armor’s Galarian Slowpoke as a model for adaptive radiation

Charles Darwin furthered science in a big way back in the 1800’s with his field-defining work in evolution. But none of his published papers mention Pidgey evolving into Pidgeotto at level 18, or Pikachu into Raichu using a thunder stone. Satoshi Taijiri decided to take a few liberties with the science behind evolution when he first worked on Pokémon Red & Blue, but the new regional forms that have been dropping into the lineups are textbook examples of adaptive radiation.

The grind for Season 10 made simple

The current season of Destiny 2 is already more than halfway done, ending on June 10th, but if you haven’t hit level cap yet — don’t worry, neither have I. There’s definitely an optimal way to approach leveling, so let’s run through some basics to make sure the grind runs efficiently.

Reach power level 950

Simple enough, go through any story quests you have and you should be good. Before level 950 all armor and weapons will drop above level until you hit this cap. …

Summer Games Fest just announced the return of Tony Haw’s Pro Skater in the form of a 4K remastered collection bringing together the first two games. Geoff Keighley was joined by Jen Oneal, of Vicarious Visions, and Tony Hawk himself to discuss what’s new and what’s returning when this game drops September 4th.

Vicarious Visions, developers of the remastered Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, is heading development on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. The game’s control scheme will be familiar to those who played the original two games, and a collection of tricks collected from throughout the series will create…

Crash Bandicoot lives!

New mobile Crash Bandicoot game leaks

Facebook ads apparently leaked a few images of an unreleased, and unannounced for that matter, Crash Bandicoot game for mobile. It seems the game will be an endless runner, similar to Temple Run and Subway Surfers. The images also suggest it is being developed by Candy Crush Saga developer King. While many fans have expressed disappointment at the mobile title, the endless running is reminiscent of traditional Crash gameplay (at least visually).

European and North American Switch sales won’t be impacted by the 2019 novel coronavirus

After Nintendo’s announcement yesterday that Switch sales in Japan have been impacted by 2019-nCoV, the company has an update on the status of Switch sales elsewhere. …


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